“god is not making any more”

in tribute to johnny cash and warren zevon

I’d put off writing anything about Warren because nothing I wrote seemed sufficient. And then, I wake up this morning to learn of JC’s passing, and once again I feel completely inarticulate. There are people with a greater understanding and appreciation of both of those gentleman’s careers, so leave it to them to write the tributes. But I loved them both. I still have a photograph of a restaurant called “Lee Ho Fook” in Chinatown in London, and I remember seeing Johnny Cash for the first time on some PBS music show. (I pretty much used to watch anything music-related on PBS when I was a kid – in the pre-MTV era, it used to be a treasure trove.)

The headline of this article is a quote a friend sent me, her favorite tribute to Johnny Cash, and it was uttered by Nick Lowe. But it could apply to so many people, couldn’t it? And I am struck by how, when I was digging up old writing to upload to this site, that I had enough tributes written to create a category called “obits”.

We are going to have to get used to this. This is going to keep happening. But I just don’t know that I will ever get used to this. Can you imagine this planet without, say, Bob Dylan (may he live until 120)? Superstition aside, thinking about losing Bob or Keith or Pete or Bowie, or Lou or Patti or Iggy… what will this place be like without them?

On the note of Zevon, Springsteen opened his Toronto show last night with a cover of “My Ride’s Here”. Guess we know what’s gonna open the DC area show tomorrow.