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Bruce Springsteen Song or Adult Film?

Posted on 21 April 2004 by Caryn Rose (1)

A Good Man Is Hard To Find
All Night Long
Brothers Under The Bridge
Dancing In The Dark
I’m Goin’ Down
Man’s Job
Man At The Top
My Love Will Not Let You Down
My Lover Man
Open All Night
Pink Cadillac
Restless Nights
Take ‘Em As They Come
The Rising
Unsatisfied Heart
Wages Of Sin

*If you guessed this was another McSweeney’s submission, you would be right. Then again, it took me all of three minutes to put together. It was inspired by some tangential discussion on that mentioned, in passing, an adult film.

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One Response to “Bruce Springsteen Song or Adult Film?”

  1. s says:

    where is tunnel of love!?

    sha na na na na

    i meant on your list, of course. i know where to find mine.