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Posted on 24 April 2004 by Caryn Rose (0)

Kraftwerk: You really missed this?


It’s beyond jumping the shark at this point: The Supersuckers have covered “Hey Ya”.

This needs to stop, and soon.


Did you hear? Courtney’s set her sights on Jack White. Okay, I will confess this: There is part of me that honestly *likes* Courtney. I can’t hate her, I just can’t. On the other hand, I read that article and CRINGE.


I am not going to Coachella. While I am partly envious of friends who are going, I am not sure whether I’m an idiot, old and burnt out, or just damn smart for avoiding it. I mean, even for the Stooges I wouldn’t suffer through a festival, even if it is in one of my favorite parts of the country.


If I had been fast on my feet, I could have been seeing the Pixies in Spokane tonight. Originally I was all “I’m not driving through the pass in April at night and I’m not overnighting in Eastern Washington just to see the Pixies.”

And then I got shut out of Vancouver.

And then I read the setlists.

Someone at work advertised four tickets on Monday, and I sat there and thought about it OVERNIGHT for some reason. Of course by the time I asked on Tuesday, the tickets were long gone.

I did cave and buy a cd (of Friday night’s Vancouver show), after my usual taper sources informed me (when I was looking for Winnipeg, so I could hear their version of Neil Young’s “Winterlong”) that they weren’t bothering, since they were selling all the shows. I figure if nothing else it’ll be resellable. I like the idea of picking it up night of show, though. I am curious as to how they are managing that.


The Reunited DTK/MC5 are coming to Seattle (courtesy Paul Allen’s checkbook, and largely, I am pretty sure, due to the influence of a certain individual who works at the EMP and knows Wayne pretty well). When I was writing this entry up late last night, I was ambivalent about the tour; however, today I saw the documentary and – well, okay, I still don’t know. I really want to save all of this for a proper entry about the 5 and the documentary, but the truth is, part of me won’t be able to not go and see if any of the magic is left. Again, more tomorrow.


Shows I should go see but likely will not: the Electric Six, Cheap Trick at a club, Mudhoney, Muse. The one show I will likely make it to is the Young Fresh Fellows, because Scott McCaughey is the hardest working man in Seattle rock.


Finally: stolen from someone else, but too good to not repeat: “I’m already sick of Franz Ferdinand, and I’ve never seen them and only heard the one song.” I add: when the concert discussion list at work is full of people begging for tickets for a band at one of the smaller clubs in town, I know their sell-by date has passed. Snobbish? Yes. Elitist? Damn straight. Do I care? Not really. What ever happened to drastic, polarizing opinion in rock? I say we bring it back.

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