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truth is stranger than fiction

Posted on 28 April 2004 by Caryn Rose (0)

Or, the musicologists that hang out on (otherwise known as “the dot-org,” to distinguish it from the steaming pile of useless officialness that is [hyphenated because of course some geek owns and feels so tied to it they’d rather have a link at the top of their page sending everyone to ryan’s official site than have to abdicate their domain name]) discuss the history of music:


The guitar part in I’M COMING OVER–“hey, wait, I gotta new complaint” from Nirvana in HEART-SHAPED BOX. try to deny it ”

Response #1: “Oh please… *rolls eyes*”

OP: “listen to it”

#2: “…and of course Nirvana never nicked anything from The Pixies, Killing Joke, Black Sabbath, etc.”

OP: “that’s not the point. listen to it and quit hedging”

#3: “I’m not doubting you, I just don’t see the point of bringing it up…”

OP: “I think it’s COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RYAN stealing from the greatest rock band evah!”

#4: “Greatest rock band ever? I guess you are entitled to your opinion, but……
ummmm…. The Stones?”

#5: “and nirvana made a pretty good replacements album when they came out with nevermind…”

OP: “the stones can suck it. nirvana rocks”

#6: “aaawwww… struck a chord…”

OP: “i’m sorry, i really didn’t mean that. :(
they dont suck but are no nirvana”

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