june ramblings: Politics, Wilco, and more…

Way to go, Bruce: About time.

Methinks it’s gonna be the year of the feisty, pissed off rockers. And I like it.

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Have you seen Ray Charles’ new piano yet?

…Neither has he.

[With apologies to Buster Poindexter and whatever Borsht Belt comedian he stole that one from.]

R.I.P, Ray.

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So Little Steven has the utterly fabulous Underground Garage radio show, and this was augmented by a tour, featuring the Romantics (okay, go figure, but at least his heart was in the right place).

Last month the rumor mill informed me that he was planning an Underground Garage festival for NYC (Randall’s fucking Island, I hate that place) for end of July. Whispers of the Dolls and the Stooges. I even got a well-connected friend to promise to try to suggest the DTK-MC5 lineup (as ambivalent as I might be about it, they Belong).

Stevie announced the date as August 14 when he was on Leno two weeks ago, and the details are on the Underground Garage site linked above (click on the calendar – no way to easily link it since it’s a pop-up). Here is the band listing:

With Iggy and the Stooges, the New York Dolls, the Raveonettes, the Romantics, the Chesterfield Kings, Boss Martians, the Fuzztones, the Cocktail Slippers, the Woggles, the Singles, Richard and the Young Lions, the Cynics and the Charms!!!!

My friend Shirley is already fretting about what to wear.
Me: “Randall’s Island is not exactly conducive to fashion.”
Her: “But I’ve never had to decide what to wear to a Dolls show before!”

Now, that is exactly the right spirit. Time to dig out my fishnets. See you there.

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I have never seen so many people hate an album before it’s released as the general feeling about the new Wilco record. Now, I have it here – somewhere! – got the leak from somewhere in the food chain – but things have been a little frantic lately, and at this point, it’s going to likely be an iTunes purchase anyway.

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Recent purchases:
Back In Spades – it’s fantastic, and I would love it if I’d just stumbled onto it randomly
Sleepy Jackson – jury still out
The Walkmen – see above
Rockpile – reissue. God I love this record.

What I didn’t buy is more interesting: Dylan from Carnegie Hall. I’d planned on buying it, I had it in my hands, it was on my list of things to buy… and then I thought about it and felt like I had too much live Dylan recently. If it had been electric Dylan I probably would’ve bought it in a heartbeat. I know, historical. I know, legendary. I know all of these things. Honestly, I swear. But it just isn’t what I’m looking for right now.

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Coming soon: an interview with Rontrose Heathman of the Supersuckers regarding – you guessed it – “Hey Ya.” I get more queries hitting this site for that combo than anything else these days (except the stalker fucks who keep Googling Springsteen’s son – my site comes up because I mention his name in a history somewhere else on this site. People never cease to amaze me.)