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update: underground garage festival & “hey ya”

Posted on 15 June 2004 by Caryn Rose (0)

According to CyberVixen Holly over at Little Steven’s web site, there is no updated information yet about the Underground Garage Festival at Randall’s Island (even though Stevie mentioned it when he guested on Bob Lefsetz’ radio show – that particular article isn’t online yet, however). However, she claims that there will be an announcement made on this Sunday’s Underground Garage radio show. I promise to listen myself and post the details for everyone who keeps hitting this site due to Google searches on the subject.


Everyone else landing here searching on “Supersuckers” and “Hey Ya” will be delighted to learn that the ‘Suckers have made their cover of “Hey Ya” available for download on iTunes. So go pay the $.99, this is a band that honestly needs your dollar.

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