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the very definition of hell on earth

Posted on 28 July 2004 by Caryn Rose (2)

I thought it would be that Phish thing with 70,000 of the unwashed, tie-dyed masses in one place, I thought maybe that festival that DMB is supposed to be doing (or so I was told) – but no, not at all.

Hell on earth is officially defined as:

Rock ‘N’ Roll Holiday Escape!

[Warning: turn down the volume]

It’s almost unfair, the jokes write themselves:
“Will the bands stay on the ship for the entire cruise?
Although we can’t guarantee that the bands are on the ship for the entire cruise, we have designed a great program around the artists to create an amazing experience.”

“Will any band members be attending any shore excursions?
We cannot guarantee that band members will be on the shore excursions but they will certainly be invited.

“Can I meet the band(s)?
There are several ways to meet the bands: 1) by purchasing certain platinum packages, you will be included on a meet & greet with each artist; 2) there will be drawings nightly where winners will get a meet & greet or cocktail party with the bands; 3) the band members will be on the ship and you can always go over and say hello.”

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2 Responses to “the very definition of hell on earth”

  1. rlv says:

    ahhh, NOW i know what to get you for christmas!

    /runs far, far away — which takes very little effort now. ;)

  2. DC Lisa says:

    tee hee hee why didn’t I save up my $ for this? who needs Bruce and Neil…