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Vote For Change Tour Schedule

It’s kind of astounding, isn’t it? In the best possible way?

Many of the artists involved have been echoing the same thing we’ve been saying for months now: this is going to be the most important election of our lifetime. We have to do something.

To me it is such a wonderful thing that I forget that there is a whole faction of people out there that are not only astounded in a different fashion, but are outright appalled and believe that it is wrong and should not happen. These are the same people who allege that Move On are out to destroy the American Way of life.

My friend Lisa wore a t-shirt last weekend that said, “I Want My Country Back”. I’m not much for flag-waving or jingoism, but I would have gladly worn that shirt and taken all the heat it would have generated.

On a personal note, seeing Bruce and R.E.M. on the same stage is going to be some kind of ultimate. R.E.M. were *huge* for me at one point in my life and I still love that music and those songs and think they are great.

And I am a little sad that I won’t get to see PJ on this tour. I even ran the distance between St. Paul and Asheville (the one night there isn’t a Springsteen conflict) and there’s just no way, 16 hours. Even when I was hard-core I was never *that* hard-core. This would be a fine moment in which to see Ed rise to the occasion and I’m sorry I’m going to miss it; equally sorry that they won’t be sharing the stage with Bruce.

Finally, here is the current list of the shows I am going to miss because of this tour:
Oct 1 – Ryan Adams
Oct 2 – Patti Smith/Televison
Oct 2 – Dead Moon
Oct 5 – Wilco

I don’t even want to LOOK any more.