quotes of the year

I’ll do anything I can to get that ratfucker out of office.

Pearl Jam will do whatever Mark Arm asks us to do. We believe that
Mark Arm might very well have a direct connection with God and seems
to have insight that could only be described as divine (read Mudhoney
lyrics) and if he feels that its is an important election (war,
environment, social justice, and integration) we will heed his call.


[Taken from a *great* article about No Vote Left Behind, the fantastic Seattle music biz grass roots organization that believed “Music has the power to change things — like Presidents.” The week of concerts going on in Seattle right now is impressive, and shameful in that no other city in the country has anything like this. It’s so — *un*Seattle of them. :) They also have some fantastic posters available for download and guerilla posting.]

Finally: Are you registered to vote?