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today’s (belated) iTunes purchases

Posted on 13 September 2004 by Caryn Rose (0)

It feels like it’s 1985 again, when you feverishly debated whether or not a record “rated” buying on CD or whether you “just” bought it on vinyl. (The all-time favorite quote on this subject, which has become part of my legend so much I cannot remember who originally said it: “Bruce Springsteen recorded Nebraska in his kitchen, you need it on CD so you can hear what was going on in the living room?”)

So now it is similar, except in my case it is partly out of sloth and partly out of storage concerns (since all the cds are here, just stored up above in the boxes I moved them in until I once again solve the dilemma of CD Storage that doesn’t involve furniture that costs thousands).

(Another sidebar: I honestly haven’t had an itch necessitating opening up any of the boxes of CD’s since the middle of June, when they were packed and shipped. Does this mean that I really do have my core library on the iPod or am I just self-limiting?)

Anyway, so the reason it took me so long to iust buy these on iTunes was because part of me really wanted the actual records, and then I looked at the storage problem I already have in three months just with the live music, and hit the “buy now” button:

  • The Libertines – The Libertines
  • Twilight Singers – She Loves You [Finally, Greg records his cover of “A Love Supreme”]
  • Le Tigre – TKO (Single)

    And, the free R.E.M. thingy (not because I particularly like medleys, but because it is free):


    So this should make it kind of obvious that I’ve sold out to iTunes, but I’m not having a huge ethical problem with it, and if you do, post a comment, I’d like to know what you think and why.

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