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“you wanna go for a ride?”

Posted on 19 October 2004 by Caryn Rose (0)

Twilight Singers
Irving Plaza, NYC, 10-16-04

greg dulli

The picture says it all, doesn’t it?

They walked out and utterly slammed into “Teenage Wristband” and I felt like I was going to need to hang on for dear life. This was going to be a show – and it was indeed.

Doors opened for this show at midnight, to accomodate the CMJ insanity that invaded the city. Frankly, Dulli should *always* start his shows at this time – although, as he put it later, if it had been earlier in the day, he would have talked our ears off for four hours.

(One of my favorite Dulli quotes is from a Whigs show in Seattle about five years ago – someone yelled at him to shut up and play, and his response was: “I guess you never been to an Afghan Whigs show before!”)

It was, quite honestly, almost perfect – I go to these things to hear Dulli talk, too, so I would’ve liked more stage banter. There was a new song out of nowhere (I wish to hell he’d just release this stuff via his web site or iTunes, his audience is clearing adoring enough that they would buy it and it would be good for everyone), a great mix of TS material, and just enough Whigs – well, you know what? Honestly I would have left more than happy if there hadn’t been any. The show was so ebullient that even “Faded” at the end, last song of the second encore, seemed somewhat anticlimactic, compared to the strength and energy of what had preceded it.

The few classic Dulli moments: seguing into “Photograph” during “Papillion,” Greg sharing that it was his favorite song in high school; the Dean Martin moment at the end of the set, where he came to the stage, cigarette and drink in hand, and led the crowd in the Zombies’ “Time Of The Season”.

Steve Myers has returned, singing backup and bringing some permanent funk to the stage; and instead of a New Orleans keyboard player, Greg’s now got himself an Italian piano player from Milano. The rest of the band – fantastic as always. Don’t know if it was the NY factor or if they’ve just gotten to be this good, but they were just superb.

And Dulli himself – he was charming, entrancing, looked healthy, and was absolutely present and totally overwhelming. He’s the best he’s ever been, in my humble opinion.

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