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i could not think of anything more excruciating

Posted on 03 December 2004 by Caryn Rose (0)

eBay item 2289137864 (Ends Dec-05-04 15:00:00 PST) – KRIST NOVOSELIC, private plane ride & lunch, Nirvana

There is someone out there willing to pay over $1k for this agony? After all those years of avoiding talking to him at the JAMPAC pool tournaments?

Okay, honestly, I shouldn’t give him such a hard time, and I know that I take for granted the ability to view An Actual Member Of Nirvana In The Flesh after living in Seattle for 9+ years. And yes it’s for a good cause. Krist should have and could have done a lot more than he has done, he’s a smart guy who has a lot of people willing to listen to what he has to say.

Funny story revolves around him busting me and a friend, years ago, for videotaping his band at a show at the First Avenue Theater. We were actually wanting to tape Satchel and Hovercraft, had tape left over, and just ran it. He sent a flunky over to take the tape away from us – keep in mind that this was an all-ages punk rock DIY type venue, and not exactly the Kingdome, where one should shuttle out the sole member of your crew to take a tape of your band (that, I’ll point out, no one cared about then and no one does now).

(While we’re here: Is there a reason I need to buy the Nirvana box set? Anyone?)

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