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the long winters

Posted on 01 June 2005 by Caryn Rose (0)

When people say “Seattle sound,” usually they’re talking about Pearl Jam or Alice In Chains or Soundgarden or Mudhoney or any of the many fabulous bands that got lumped together under the media hype-line “grunge”.

For me, though, the Seattle sound will indelibly mean bands like The Long Winters. My great and talented friend Litsa Dremousis interviewed John Roderick for the next issue of the Believer, and you should all go buy it now, so you can read writing like this:

Henri Langlois once declared of Louise Brooks, “There is no Garbo! There is no Dietrich! There is only Brooks!” Since forming the Long Winters in 2001, singer/songwriter John Roderick has inspired similar hyperbole from music critics and indie-rock fans alike. With a smoked-wood voice, candied-cherry hooks, and lyrics such as “I’m leaving you all of my car parts / I didn’t have the money / or I would have gotten roses,” Roderick’s songs don’t get under a listener’s skin so much as puncture it and remain in the bloodstream.

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