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no direction home

Posted on 27 July 2005 by Caryn Rose (0)

Amazon’s No Direction Home info page includes a trailer which is an absolute MUST SEE.

The footage of early Dylan is mindblowing; and someone, thank Allah, got Dylan to sit down and spell it all out before he’s not here to do that.

It seems kind of amazing that Dylan – Dylan! – would be so willing to do this, but it feels like he has enough of sense of his legacy and how he wants it to be presented when he is no longer on this earth that he’s being willing to let us in behind the curtain.

Thank god someone is doing this. Thank god Dylan is letting them. And why can’t some people get over their large freakin’ egos to let a Scorsese do the same thing for them, before it’s too late?

(Thanks, H., for the tip off!)

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