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more 33 1/3

Posted on 01 December 2005 by Caryn Rose (3)

Here’s a list of ALL of the artists proposed from all of the 33 1/3 submissions. Those of you who want to guess, perhaps this will help. (Again, don’t go for the obvious.)

Out of all of these, eight will be chosen.

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3 Responses to “more 33 1/3”

  1. dbf says:


    Since it is not what anyone would think (or probably hope for), I am ruling out the following masterpieces: Anodyne, Crooked Rain, Quadrophenia, Shoot Out The Lights, Stoned and Dethroned and Strangers Almanac (which i see has already been overlooked), etc. etc.

    Further, by it not being an obvious choice for you, it must be more mainstream and accessible (but nevertheless still masterful and inspiring).

    Therefore and because I am making up my own rules for this game (and am avoiding doing work tonight), I have made three guesses in ascending order of surprise [note 1970’s theme, the decade in which I think we both discovered the power and the promise….]: Running On Empty, The Royal Scam (even though Aja has aged much better), or Tapestry.

    …as much fun as this is, you didn’t think I’d just list one, did you?


  2. caryn says:

    I am flattered by the choices you think I considered but DIDN’T do. And also, come to think of it, by the ones you are guessing, except for Steely Dan, which has me scratching my head.

    But, no. None of the above.

  3. dbf says:


    Obviously, I would have never thought you would have picked any of the “70’s records” i listed despite their worth, which is why i listed them. And yes, I used to listen to Steely Dan back in the AOR radio days, which remain very impressionable days for me indeed. Sure they got boring and worse yet even “pop” but The Royal Scam was played back in the day and Aja with all its “too clean” sonic and musical perfection sound is a great album. Its for the non-westerberg, non-townshend evenings.

    Lastly, I am done guessing and look forward to hearing which record made your cut, but let me please throw in one last sigh that Kiko looks to have gone un-nominated. [As Nick Hornby said, guys love lists and I am definitely guilty of that]

    I remember when Dave Marsh put out that 1001 Greatest Singles book a few years ago, he was quick to say that the fun was not debating which song should have been ahead of this or that, the fun part was trying to figure out which should have the 1002th greatest single.

    So please add Kiko or Strangers Almanc or Green Mind to my 1002nd list.

    Have a great weekend.