33 1/3 results are in

The results are in, and no I did not make it (and yes, more on that after the jump). But, looking at who made the cut, the august company there makes me feel a little better about the rejection. The submission list was long and broad, too.

My choice?

Black Love by the Afghan Whigs.

My original vision was for something like The River or Quadrophenia, but I tried writing a proposal for the former and it turned out to be a short story and not a book, and the latter — well, my junior year thesis in high school was about Quadrophenia and when I went back over it, I realized I had pretty much said everything I would have wanted to say about it, plus it wasn’t an album I wanted to live with for a year.

I fell into Black Love when New Orleans flooded (even though it doesn’t specifically say it takes place there, in my mind’s eye, it always certainly could have) and I thought about the comment a writer-friend had made about the series, about how your choice should be an album you not only always come back to, but an album that, in effect, has never left you, and that changes like a chameleon as the years go by.

Thus, Black Love.

And of course, because I fucking love that record and think it is one of the most underrated records of all time.

I had thought about posting the proposal but it was a specific assignment and, well, who knows what the future might bring. But if you’re a writer who didn’t (or did) make the cut, or who thought about submitting but didn’t, and you want to take a look, drop me a line.