don’t forget the motor city

A couple of weeks ago I was talking with the boyfriend about various rock and roll landmarks, and I was struck that, although we had just been in Detroit (2004, Vote For Change tour), we didn’t go past Hitsville USA. (To be fair, we arrived at 3 a.m., spent the next day sitting in a General Admission line inside Cobo Arena, and then breezed out of town as soon as the show ended.)

But the truth is that there was no end of Detroit rock and roll landmarks I would have liked to have seen. I was fascinated by the little I saw of Detroit, inbetween the hotel and the arena. How much faded glory and magnificence the city held. How much rock and roll history was there. What we as a society value and want to preserve and how we never seem to fucking learn–both the Cavern Club and Stax had to be torn down and made into parking lots before they would rise later as tourist attractions, preserving a legacy and bringing jobs and tourist dollars.

So it broke my heart just a little to read this story on dETROITfUNK about the abandoned Motown Office Building. (There’s also a story on NPR about the building and its demolition, as it is torn down just in time to create — you guessed it — a parking lot for the Super Bowl.

A Super Bowl at which the Rolling Stones will appear.

*pause to consider irony of situation*

Check out the DetroitFunk blog for more history on the Motor City, including scans of paperwork — like a bank book for a young Stevie Wonder — recovered from the rubble.