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my pal joel on marah in LA

Posted on 31 January 2006 by Caryn Rose (1)

My dear friend, the sublimely talented (and girls, he’s single) Joel R. Graves went to see Marah the other night in LA. (It’s the last paragraph.)

I went to see Marah (from Philly,… oh Philly) the other night. They really made me smile. It was so great to see a New Enlgand band that was just up there to fucking RAWK. They were loving being on stage, they were rawking without any self-conscious baggage bullshit, and they looked like they would take a rusty-blade stab wound for one-another. Fuckin’ A. It reminded me about everything I love about music and it reminded me how fucking fun it is to rawk.

Check out his band while you’re on his Myspace page.

P.S. He also owns a very cool recording studio. And as he will tell you, it is partially my fault that he does.

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One Response to “my pal joel on marah in LA”

  1. Bobby P. says:

    This was indeed a very spirited Marah show. I’ve seen them several times and this was probably my favorite of their shows, although the Spaceland gig on the last west coast swing was also nice. I’m constantly struck at their stage presence and ability to structure a real show…not just a band playing songs, but everything with a flow and transitions and honest banter in between, etc. It *is* criminal that these guys aren’t more commercially successful, and I don’t know if it’s a matter of the vocals not fitting in with current tastes — hell, I guess rock and roll itself just doesn’t fit with current tastes) — but these guys are just a joy to watch.