the muscle shoals sound

Given that last night I started pruning the iPod to take off things I am not sure I need to have with me 24/7 (even if I once did feel that way about it) (and this is a whole other train of thought that should be written about at some other time) right about the time I was desperately needing to hear Otis Redding and realizing I have a shamefully small amount of Otis Redding on my iPod, and that while it is all well and good that I consider Sam Cooke Live At The Harlem Square Club the greatest live album of all time and therefore it should be on the iPod, there is zero excuse for not having a far deeper representation of Mr. Cooke’s repertoire…this link (to a blog whose existence I was previously unaware of, but now delightfully so) is welcome and deserving of large amounts of traffic.

Espec. given the fact that I am well aware things are quiet around here, but is not supposed to be a “blog” per se, just using the blogging software to have my writing online, I sort of apologize for the lack of updates but not really. Kind of stuck in the fictional world right now. And writing my EMP proposal. But more anon, I swear.