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young neil on writing

Posted on 22 January 2006 by Caryn Rose (1)

From Rolling Stone #992, interview by Alec Wilkinson (go buy it, this interview is worth it):

Then he turned the book over and showed me the lyrics, written in pen, with only a word here and there crossed out, and with the verses themselves not usually running below the top half of the page. “I might have two lines and use only one version of them,” he said. “Or a line or two not used. If you look, sometimes it’s three, four, one, two in terms of the order of verses, but usually it’s just as it came. It’s just a matter of where did I tap into it, what part of it. If I don’t question it, it comes together. If I question it, it can take months.”

I said something about how unusual it is to be able to write so fluently. Other writers don’t usually describe it, I said.

“Maybe they don’t let themselves,” Young said. “Maybe they let too many other things get in the way.”

He closed the book. “When you start writing,” he said, “don’t let other things bother you. Just keep going. It doesn’t take long. It isn’t long to be absent.”

Just leaves me awe-struck.

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One Response to “young neil on writing”

  1. thrasher says:

    Leaves me awe-struck too.