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harry and the potters

Posted on 06 March 2006 by Caryn Rose (0)

“2nite’s HARRY & THE POTTERS party has moved from the Polish & Slavic Center, in Greenpoint, to OUR LADY OF CONSOLATION CHURCH REC CENTER @ 184 Metropolitan Ave btwn Bedford and Berry, in Williamsburg. The P & S Center had a boiler explosion, apparently.

OUR LADY OF CONSOLATION CHURCH REC CENTER is all ages and features a donation bar (with ID). Please be courteous if you get there early, as mass doesn’t get over until 8:30 or so.”

That tells you everything you need to know. The venue was a church rec hall basement, with directional signs in Polish and streamers and crepe paper adorning the ceiling. It was absurd. It was perfect.


10:34pm txt message: “The sock puppets are still onstage. I may be home later than I thought.”

There were two opening bands. The first one was trying to be an ironic G-rated White Stripes, attempting to sing songs like “Theme from the Muppet Show” and “Rainbow Connection” in a pseudo-Dean-Martin attitude. Thankfully, they were quick.

The second band, Uncle Monsterface, featured the aforementioned sock puppets and a guy dressed as a big sock puppet and a dvd and would have been fine except they were TOO LONG. Despite this, I sat in the back drinking PBR and thinking that even with all of this absurdity, they were still more interesting than 99.9% of the opening bands I have seen in the last few years.

Harry and the Potters. So there were 10 year olds with their parents and gaggles of high school girls wearing American Eagle and then unabashed grown-up dorks. I couldn’t get near the stage to take pictures because it was mobbed. The PA sucked but that didn’t matter because the crowd was outsinging the guys.

bf: “So there’s Harry Potter…”
me: “No, they’re both Harry. One is Harry Year 4 and the other is Harry Year 7.”
[The boyfriend has not read any HP so this is completely lost on him.]
bf: “And who else is in the band?”
me: “It’s them and an iPod.”
bf: “And they’re called Harry and the Potters?”
me: “Yes.”
bf: “And all the songs are about the books?”
me: “Yes, they’re awesome!”
bf: “Punk rock songs about the Harry Potter books?”
me: “Well, punk in spirit, absolutely, but there are great tunes and good riffs and the lyrics are funny. And they are geeky, but not in a Star Trek fan kind of geeky. They have a sense of humor about being geeks.”


Crowd: “YEAH!!!”
Crowd: “YEAHHHH!”
Harry: “Okay, this song is called ‘I Am A Wizard’!”

It was completely fucking righteous, start to finish, all of it. It was honest and enthusiastic and fun and they were having so much fun and they so clearly love doing it. The PA sucks? So what else is new. No one can hear us? No big deal, we’ll keep playing anyway. They had energy and enthusiasm and were so clearly excited to be on stage and that people come to see them and have a good time. No irony. No sardonic asides. Paul kept trying to jump up and down but he couldn’t because the ceiling was so low. Maybe I dig it so much because I know what it’s like to be a geeky fan? Especially a geeky fan of books and music? I don’t know and I don’t care.

Take your niece, borrow a neighbor’s kid, go track them down as they zig zag around the country playing libraries and community centers and colleges. This is so fucking punk rock it hurts.

Check out their MySpace page for music and tour dates.

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