Dear Bruce:

So good to hear from you so often in such a short time! However, I do have one question:


Didn’t we do this already, a few years ago? While I wasn’t there (and I’m still kicking myself for not flying out for that week), I have that performance, all of it, captured for posterity so we could hear it all, even the off-camera performances. Um, let’s just say that we both know that you are not a morning person, and if I couldn’t have guessed it, the recording bears that fact out.

However, I can’t look a gift horse in the mouth, so thanks for the free ticket. I look forward to hitting that Dunkin Donuts on Main St. (the one in the gas station, where the crack addicts run in and scream, “UNLOCK THE LADIES ROOM, PLEASE”) on my way down to the Boardwalk. Remind me how you take your coffee?

As ever,


P.S. I was impressed to hear about your success selling tickets in Europe. Thanks so much for sharing!

Tickets for the European tour dates have all sold out swiftly. Bruce Springsteen with the Seeger Sessions Band sold out London’s Hammersmith Apollo Theatre in ten minutes, The Manchester Evening News Arena in six minutes, and Amsterdam’s Heineken Music Hall in just four minutes, all unprecedented. Festhalle in Frankfurt, Germany also sold out in a matter of minutes. Legendary promoter Harvey Goldsmith said, “We announced Bruce SpringsteenĀ¹s concerts in the UK at 9.00am on Friday 7 April. By 9.10am both shows had sold out. This is the fastest selling show ever in Manchester.”

To quote the boyfriend: “Bruce could do a bullet mic and autoharp tour of Europe, and it would still sell out in two minutes.” Besides cracking me the fuck up, he’s right, you know. Because, as of this writing, I can STILL pull GA floor tickets for next week’s rehearsal shows in Asbury Park. No, really. It hasn’t sold out yet. The $100 ticket price might just have something to do with that, dontcha think?