i can’t hardly wait

Marah live at the Abbey Pub, Chicago, February 17, 2006


A. It’s Marah.
B. It’s Marah covering the Replacements. I think there are about three bands in the world who can cover the Replacements and get away with it. (Or rather, three bands in the world whom I would allow to cover the Replacements and get away with it.)*
C. It very much resembles an actual Replacements performance, because
 1. There are about three other songs in this one song
  a. two of which are covers
   1.) one by a southern rock band and
   2.) one by a heavy metal band
    i. who the Replacements would have mocked at all times if they had existed during their tenure
    ii. and, funnily enough, who a charter Replacements member is current/sometime member of now
  b. one of which is another Replacements song, “Take Me Down To The Hospital”
   1.) A song which it would appear Mr. Kirk Henderson has no idea how to play – demerits here because that small fact would not have stopped any member of the Replacements from playing it anyway, nor would any individual present at the performance (including any member of the Replacements) have noticed if he had made any errors.
 2. Dave stops for a smoke break in the middle of the song.
 3. there is a guy giving the band the middle finger during the performance (which, if you ever saw the ‘Mats live, you know happened EVERY SINGLE SHOW)
 4. this performance takes place the night after a band member spent a night in jail for public drunkenness (no names)

*The Wallflowers would not be one of these bands.

Marah are going back on tour. GO AND SEE THEM.