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the jukebox project #4: The Beatles – “I Want To Hold Your Hand”

Posted on 01 August 2006 by Caryn Rose (0)

Writing about the Beatles is like writing about the sky or the sun or the moon – at least on my planet. It also appeared to be an impossible task, until I realized I had already done it without knowing I had. I was writing about George but really, everything I ever thought and felt about the Beatles is contained in that piece.

But no, don’t worry, I don’t let myself get off that easy. The original constraint on the project is a little fuzzy, but it involved some definition of definitive. And while I wasn’t old enough to remember this particular shot heard ’round the world, I can still to this day hear this song and imagine that I can remember what it would have felt like to hear the Beatles in real time, in the cold drab grey early 60’s, and how it could completely turn everything topsy-turvy. “I Want To Hold Your Hand” more than any other song symbolizes that moment to me, because it was the first (okay, discography nerds, not The First, but for all intents and purposes, the first), the first glimmer, the first gasp of salvation.

And the fact that they could move a girl more than 15 years after the fact to feel much the same way a 15 year old probably felt in 1964 is a testament to something.

So, a short entry, a shortcut, but there was not much else I could write about this band, and at least I hope this will kick-start the project back into first gear.

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