“the embodiment of love’s dark sisters”

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What does it say about me that I was more excited when I heard about this going on sale than I have been for almost any other musical event in a very, very long time?

I once owned three copies of Berlin and then someone gave me a fourth (original pressing, with the booklet). I kept the fourth and got rid of the rest, and I do not believe I own it on cd. I had to stop myself — no, more like *forbid* myself — from listening to it after a while.

It would change you. It would darken you. It would produce tiny little knife-edges everywhere. You would burn yourself, cut yourself, trip over invisible objects. It was a poltergeist. Never, ever, listen to it as a couple.

The boyfriend is not going. It would be edifying, for sure, but not exactly enjoyable. He is curious, but this is definitely the borderland between our musical worlds. I am fine with this particular division, and am actually the tiniest bit relieved on some level that there is no meaning in this record for him.

Sunday night will be like visiting a country that one used to live in. Not a city or state or coast, but the difference of oceans and real borders. Don’t worry, my passport is valid.