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initial rockhall thoughts

Posted on 13 March 2007 by Caryn Rose (1)

I started liveblogging last night, but I had one of my dearest, oldest friends over, and did not want to divide my concentration. Plus, once Patti walked onstage, there was little room for snark.

This was big and meaningful in a magnitude I did not anticipate or expect. It’s also bittersweet because this was my last chance to actually get inside the damn thing, because there’s no one left I care about enough that I physically need to see them reach this achievement.

Oh, just to have been in a staircase outside the Grand Ballroom last night during “Be My Baby” or “Gardening At Night”. Just to have been in the building to feel those vibrations. It would have been life-changing.

More later.

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One Response to “initial rockhall thoughts”

  1. c says:

    i read that post yesterday a.m. and tried to comment before i realized it didn’t exist anymore! sneaky …