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the skyway

Posted on 20 June 2007 by Caryn Rose (0)

That’s from Paul’s first solo tour in 1993. (Ignore the moronic crowdsurfers, it’s worth it.)

I found this today not because I spend a lot of time crusing around YouTube, but because last night the latest issue of the Skyway landed in my inbox. I’ve been subscribed to the Skyway since the first day I got an email address back in 1994. I have moved email addresses a gazillion times since then but I always make sure to resubscribe so I don’t miss it.

The Skyway is kind of an anarchronism in these days of RSS and social networking; it’s a broadcast-only email newsletter, infrequent more than ever these days. In the old days, it would roll out once a month or so, full of stories people wanted to share about the ‘Mats, odd tidbits, tape requests (remember tapes?). Its frequency largely depended on what the list-keeper was up to at the time. (That’s a much longer story you’ll have to read through the issues yourself to get a handle on.) When he had enough material, Matt would roll everything up into a text-only email and send it off. It wasn’t a newsgroup; it wasn’t a mailing list; it was what it was and it’s probably lasted as long as it has because of the odd, yet completely comfortable format.

You should go read the latest issue. I’ll buy you a coffee if you think it wasn’t worth your time and didn’t make your day just a little bit better.

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