amazing journey (the new who doc)

I’m so out of Whoville, I only found out about this film because I’m (somehow) on the mailing list for the Museum of Theater and Television. I missed the premiere there because I was laid off when the tickets went on sale, and, well, the whole being out of Whoville thing. The boyfriend found it in the VH1 listings and DVR’d it.

It’s funny how I slip back into it, though. You know the story, you know the legends, you know the players, you know what’s coming next. The boyfriend made a comment about something and I snapped, “That’s because this is Roger’s thing,” without even thinking, as though – how could you NOT know that?

I wish it had been six hours. Nine. And I appreciated that we saw things we hadn’t seen, and there was latitude for Pete to ramble, and enough footage of John (but not enough of Keith talking, and I say that realizing that Keith was not always the best interview, but, C’MON, this was Roger’s thing so he could have gotten whatever he wanted, Roger who’s been embargoing any story about Keith because HE wants to do it – sorry, digressing)

More than anything, I appreciated the segment on John, and the honesty, and the anger, and the sadness and the regret. It wasn’t that long ago, and the wounds are still the tiniest bit raw, still.

By the end of it, I was committed to seeing them the next time they roll through, ticket prices be damned. Because – recent blog posts from Pete aside – the truth is that it’s a question of IF they roll through again. I have always felt that I had my run, and it was good, and nothing was ever going to top that week in 1999 when I was in the first 10 rows of Shoreline for both nights of Bridge and then flew to Chicago not long after for one HOB show, which I said at the time was one of the best nights of my life and I’d still say that.

It’s such a mix of emotions with this band, ones I’ve never been able to walk away from. I’m very zen about not seeing the Stones again (because, again, having had my run, I don’t see the need to be greedy).
But Townshend and Daltrey don’t get out from under your skin that easily.