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i wanna be sedated

Posted on 23 April 2009 by Caryn Rose (7)

(updated with another, better video)

Springsteen. Boston. The boyfriend is watching the setlist and says, “Ever heard of a song called, ‘I Wanna Go Out With You’?”
I shake my head no, and go back to watching the game.
15 minutes later, he pauses before saying, “Well, it says here that they just played “I Wanna Be Sedated”.
“It says it right here.”
“Apparently it was a sign request.”
I get an email from Lisa. “if this is true I’m sure I’ll hear you hit the floor from here”
I am having trouble breathing.
“I want an OBJECTIVE SOURCE to come out of that concert RIGHT NOW,” I say. “Why can’t there be someone reporting who actually KNOWS SOMETHING, this night of all nights.”
I check Facebook, Twitter, email. Nothing. At all. Anywhere. I’m getting a setlist report from someone who probably likes Joe Grushecky and I have to wait.
I email Lisa back: “But what if it sucked? That would be worse.”


Except it didn’t.


And I’m bringing a sign for “Safe European Home” to Philly. With lyrics and chords. We’re getting a Clash song if it kills me, dammit.

I’m not surprised. I’m not surprised. I’m just – OH MY GOD THIS WOULD HAVE STOPPED ME FROM GETTING MY ASS KICKED 30 YEARS AGO, DUDE, if you’d only just owned up back then.

here’s another one:


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7 Responses to “i wanna be sedated”

  1. jean says:

    Now, that’s certainly good fun!! very cool :)

  2. dbf65 says:

    Safe European Home. That is such a perfect call for what seems to be happening.

  3. Kerry Nolan says:

    Well, we KNOW he knows “London Calling” …..with Jay Weinberg on drums, it just might be the song that finally does me in. And if you’re gonna die anyway……

  4. clr says:

    Forgive me, but I do not want Jay Weinberg on anything, let alone a Clash song. All respect to Bruce, he can choose whomever he wants to play in his band. I get it. I get it that they needed someone for part of the tour. But if I bought a ticket to see the E Street Band and I got Jay Weinberg and not Max, i would be furious. He is not Max. He does not have the sharpness that comes with playing for 40 years, or even the sharpness from playing every night all those years with Conan. I am sure he is fine in his metal band. But he is not Dave Grohl (whoever wrote that was smoking something) and he is not Max.

    I feel pretty strongly about this.

    The Clash had a hard time playing a good version of “London Calling” because of the syncopation, so I would not suggest it for anyone else. But that said, I decided that I would not be hypocritical, and I am bringing a sign for a Springsteen song. I think it is somewhat disrespectful to request a cover – although if the horns were there, we’d bring a billboard for “Sweet Soul Music”.

    (Do I contradict myself? Well, then, I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes)

  5. Kerry Nolan says:

    So, what is the issue with Jay? I thought he was miles better than his father when I saw the rehearsal shows. Max’s drumming is solid but not incredible (which probably makes him perfect for just simply keeping the backbeat – not a bad thing), and I thought Jay was exactly the kind of drummer that could spark the band. I was right.
    And when Bruce, Steve, Dave Grohl, and Elvis Costello tore it up at the Grammys in tribute to Strummer, I thought the ESB could do an amazing job as well.

    I think it’s anything BUT disrespectful to request a cover – they’re a rock band; they should be able to play something fun and classic. Like “I Wanna Be Sedated” and “Wild Thing” – the way they did the other night!

    So, my sign will be “London Calling” :) or Human Touch

  6. clr says:

    We’ll have to agree to disagree on this, because I don’t think that Jay and Max are in the same league. Especially at the rehearsal, where he was out of tempo and had to be aggressively conducted by Bruce – which then detracted Bruce’s focus from the song. Uh-uh. That’s a no no right there, but, again, it was a rehearsal show.

    What sparks the band (if they are in fact ‘sparked’ by Jay’s presence, which I dont really see) is his excitement at being there. Not because of his technical prowess. He’s 18; he can’t possibly be as good as his dad because he simply hasn’t played as long. I think of other sons-who-have-taken-over and while Jay isn’t Zak Starkey or Jason Bonham, if he played with them long enough he could probably be that good, but what I don’t see is a personality. Then again, if Jay Weinberg started interjecting his flavor into the songs, a lot more people would riot.

    I also don’t like paying for someone’s on the job training. I paid $100 for a ticket to see the E Street Band. If Jay is going to play the second half of a show, people should be told about this BEFORE they buy their tickets. If I lived in Scandinavia and fought to buy a ticket and then later learned I was getting Jay and not Max, I would be livid. It’s disrespectful. It’s not like Pino Pallidino having to sub for a dead Entwistle (and even then people were given the choice to have their tickets refunded). It’s a matter of convenience.

    I draw lines in the sand as to what I consider to be the E Street Band; others don’t, it’s their right. But it’s equally my right to say ‘no’.

    If I had known that “stump the band” meant “practice it at the dress rehearsal” i would have looked at London Calling more favorably. Playing it off the cuff would have likely been terrible, but with adequate rehearsal, yeah, they nailed it.

  7. Kerry Nolan says:

    First, let me say I am enjoying the dialogue here. Secondly, the rehearsal shows were charity events, so you weren’t exactly paying for someone’s “on the job training” – you were making a charitable donation in exchange for which you were able to see the ESB work out their road show. Kind of like seeing a Broadway-bound play in New Haven.

    Jay has more enthusiasm than his father, who looks these days more and more like he’s just cashing the check. I understand that Max’s forearms are probably no more than shredded tendons under the skin at this point, but I thought Jay’s presence lent some needed “oomph” at the Asbury shows.

    Would you want your money back if Patti wasn’t appearing onstage? Garry? Nope, didn’t think so – so how is it disrespectful if Max needs to be replaced and you’ve already bought your tickets? When I worked for Ticketron (back in the stone age), people would call the office demanding their money back if an opening band cancelled. What we explained to them was that they had bought a ticket to the act printed ON the ticket. What you get with Bruce is BS and the ESB. As Bruce defines it. Of course, your mileage may vary :)

    That said, I KNEW “London Calling” would be great :)