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live! tonight! in person!

Posted on 25 August 2009 by Caryn Rose (0)

Sometimes I suck at self-promotion. I will be reading here tonight:

Your friends from Faith and Fear are co-hosting AMAZIN’ TUESDAY tonight at 7:00 at Two Boots Tavern on the Lower East Side, 384 Grand St., between Norfolk and Suffolk, accessible via the F to Delancey and other popular subway lines. If you haven’t been to one of our nights of reading, rooting and Randy Milligan, an impartial observer filed reviews from Metstock in June and the first AMAZIN’ TUESDAY in July. When you see what you missed, surely you’ll want a piece of the action this time around.

Our guests are two of the most insightful observers of the Metsopotamian condition we know. Dana Brand, author of 2007’s wonderful Mets Fan [Ed. note: a book in which my blog is mentioned!], will be sharing with us The Last Days of Shea, so brand spanking new the ink is still wet. Dana also blogs regularly, thoughtfully and passionately here, and you are urged to read him regularly. Caryn Rose, known in these parts as Metsgrrl, is one of the go-to sources for life at Citi Field and its psychic environs. We’re so happy to have them both.

Phil Hartman, the most Met-minded restaurateur New York has seen since Rusty Staub called it a day, will be serving up The Stork, a pizza made with Creole chicken, wild mushrooms, cheddar and mozzarella in honor of George Theodore and the (Tim) Teufel Shuffle martini, which, naturally, is shuffled not stirred. Phil’s AMAZIN’ TUESDAY offer of a free beer in exchange for a Met baseball card still stands. It’s a great way to rid your collection of those unwanted Ollie Perezes.

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