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Guest blogging for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Posted on 28 January 2010 by Caryn Rose (1)

As an upshot of my first visit to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame last weekend, I was invited to submit a guest blog for the RRHOF’s website.

There’s also a news story from me on, but you’ll have to scroll down to the news from 1/26.

Full posts on the Springsteen exhibit and the rest of the hall in general will be up on the weekend.

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One Response to “Guest blogging for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”

  1. joe says:

    Wonderful descriptions and emotions – thank you for both writings. Sounds like a very moving experience (if this stuff has touched ones life in one wat or another). I think you made Cleveland a *must see* destination before the Bruce exhibit is gone.

    Thank you…