Everest on Jimmy Fallon

This is not objective. This is flat-out gratuitous promotion for a friend’s band. But it is also more than that.

My friend Joel Graves is the very busy guitarist on stage left of this clip. I have known Joel for what seems like forever; when I try to explain to people I’ve just met as to why I am there, I start with “I have seen every band Joel has been in (except one)” and “He’s like my brother.” There is something incredibly special to support a friend’s success; as someone struggling with her own art, it is also incredibly uplifting to stand witness to artistic achievement. Which is, I guess, a complicated way to say that I am proud of my friend and happy for him. But luckily, there is more to it than that.

See, I fucking LOVE Everest, and would go see them even if I didn’t know anyone in the band. As I was explaining to someone yesterday, I have been to see all of Joel’s bands, but I have not gushingly given witness about all of them. That is a complicated way of saying that this band is good and worth your time. They are back in NYC next week to play a CMJ showcase at the Mercury Lounge on Thursday and to open for My Morning Jacket at Terminal 5 on Saturday and I am fucking stoked to see the shows. I get mad if someone tries to talk to me while they are onstage.

They are very, very good, if you dig the kind of thing they do. I just love how much space and soar and fullness is present in their music. I love how they are continuing to grow and blossom every single time I hear or see them. The road sucks, but it remains a time-worn way to make your band lock together and shimmer like hell. It helps to have a genuinely talented bunch of people to begin with, but the repetition and the muscle memory and the ability to step up together and turn it on helps. It just does.

Even the Roots dug them, Questlove tweeting about them mid set (the dude has an ipad with Twitter loaded as part of his drumkit. Seriously).

They are on tour until the end of November, by themselves and with various other folk. You should go.