20/20 on “New Wave” from 1979

This was the best you could get for music on television back then, and given the time and the outlet, this is not a terrible report, at all. It has a clue, and it also quells the whole OMG PUNK ROCK HEROIN AND YOU WILL KILL YOUR GIRLFRIEND that was the usual tenor of mainstream media when talking about this music back in the day.

There’s some great footage in here, especially of the Ramones at the Diplomat, the Talking Heads (with an interview w/David Byrne and Jerry Harrison), and the Clash live. I don’t specifically remember watching it, but I can’t imagine I wouldn’t have seen it. At least it wasn’t cringe-inducing for watching with one’s parents.

[Note – I didn’t digitize this or upload it, I just found it somewhere on the internets and it made me chuckle. I wish I could remember who posted it or where I saw it but I do not. Thank you, Person I Do Not Remember.]