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Letter Never Sent, Born In The USA Edition

Posted on 22 January 2012 by Caryn Rose (0)

Letter never sent, 1985

Found in an old notebook from college (Civil Rights & Discrimination, if you care), a letter I started to someone I must have met at the BITUSA shows I went to in Greensboro, North Carolina, January 1985.

I went to Greensboro because the logic was that it would be easier to get good tickets (and it was—I was in the first section of the floor both nights) and these were indoor arena shows (obviously, in January). I believe there was also some invocation of the logic that even with flight (People Express!) and hotel, it would be cheaper than going to the scalpers in NYC later, not to mention the complete and utter lack of interest in seeing a show in a stadium. I don’t remember if at that point I had already been shut out of the local shows, or if it was just planning ahead.

I don’t remember Sherry or who she was or where she was from. I remember the shows and have very specific memories of them, and know I talked to people constantly because I was always trying to meet more people to go to shows with. Did she sit near me? Did I meet her at the backstage ramp after one of the shows, waiting for the band to come out and sign? Wish I did remember that part of it.

I absolutely love finding this now. And now I have to find the shows in my collection, and listen and compare and figure out if I agree with my 1985 assessment.

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