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The Ledge Podcast Appearance

Posted on 17 October 2012 by Caryn Rose (1)

I was the guest of music historian (some say ‘guru’ and aren’t that far off) Scott Hudson on his podcast “The Ledge” this week. We talked about the new book and I programmed a list of 22 live songs from the European tour as part of the broadcast. Check out the tracklist, listen or download now!

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One Response to “The Ledge Podcast Appearance”

  1. Tina McKenna says:

    Caryn, reading Raise Your Hand…Loving it!! Feel like I’m with you guys (wish I was). Have probably bumped into you at many events. Worked for a Record Distribution Company in NY (now Sony) back in the day and was able to work with Clarence (on Peacemaker), Max (on his Hard Ticket label), Steven on his 9 Months soundtrack song. Congrats to you on this and I look forward to reading your posts. Just another fan originally from Brooklyn!!