On the Replacements “breakup,” 2015 style

Seattle, and that fucking amazing, genius opening

Everybody wants to know what I think about Paul’s declaration onstage in Portugal that this was the band’s last show. I maintain that I’d like to wait until I hear a full tape or find a full video, or talk to someone at the show who had actually had some kind of history with the band, before descending into gloom and doom and donning sackcloth and ashes. He could mean it; he could have been kidding; he could be half serious.

But right now, it’s one report, tying into another ‘someone close to the band’ report, and everyone’s reposting it like it’s gospel. (What in the ever loving Sam Hill is wrong with all of you? Come on.)

The truth, though, is that I could not see Paul and Tommy wanting to continue all that much longer as a nostalgia act, and I am frankly amazed they lasted as long as they did in that form. There are new songs; there is video footage; this could be a going concern…or Paul could do what he has done for as long as we have known him as a performer and not do any of those things, although now would be the perfect time in which to do all of them (which is generally exactly when he doesn’t do them).

When it comes right down to it, though, this outing was a fucking triumph, plain and simple, down to the very end. They started out strong, and only got better. Some 2015 examples:

Barcelona. Look at how much fun they are clearly having.

Another Girl, Another Planet – I love the look on Dave’s face when Paul starts singing: “Look, he DOES know the words”

DC: Shitty sound, but Paul’s confidence is stunning to watch

Philly, singing their hearts out kind of sums it all up.

Yeah, I ain’t buying it. They’ll be back. Mark my words.