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Caryn Rose began her writing career in 1980, when she tried to convince her high school newspaper editor to run an article she’d written defending punk rock. This would inspire her to take matters into her own hands during the 80’s DIY publishing revolution. The Who fanzine she helped initiate, The Relay, was chosen by the band to be included in their exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and she also created the first R.E.M. fanzine, Radio Free Europe.

After a successful stint working for a major record label, Caryn followed the high-tech boom to Seattle in 1995. There, she built her first web site (radio ethiopia), and started the first Patti Smith mailing list. From 1996-2001, Caryn was a founding member of, the critically-regarded, award-winning independent web site for Pearl Jam. Her most recent work can be found in, the Village Voice, Salon, Men’s Journal, Vulture, the Guardian, Brooklyn Magazine,, NPR and as a long-time a masthead contributor to the Springsteen publication Backstreets Magazine (with multiple cover stories to her credit, as well as interviews with Peter Buck of R.E.M., Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes, Alan Vega of Suicide and Jesse Malin). She is also a regular contributor to the Tour Notes section on, and was part of the team who wrote the content for the 2012 relaunch of the site.

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Caryn was the first female Mets blogger and the first female blogger to be accredited by the Mets with her groundbreaking website A compilation of her baseball writing, ONE GIRL, ONE TEAM, ONE CITY: THE BEST OF METSGRRL.COM was released in 2014.

Rose’s first novel,B-sides and Broken Hearts, was published in July of 2011. Her first non-fiction effort, Raise Your Hand: Adventures of an American Springsteen Fan In Europe, was released in September 2012. Her second novel, A Whole New Ballgame, was released in January 2014. And Rose’s travelogue, GAS, FOOD, WIFI was published in 2015.

Follow her on Twitter at @carynrose or on Facebook or during the baseball season at @metsgrrl.

Contact Caryn at jukeboxgraduate at gmail dot com.

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