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devils & dust, 30 days out

Posted on 26 May 2005 (4)

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new york dolls to release third album?!

Posted on 14 April 2005 (0)

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Heartless Bastards – Stairs and Elevators

Posted on 17 March 2005 (1)

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Petra Haden Sings The Who Sell Out

Posted on 07 February 2005 (5)

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gram rabbit

Posted on 29 November 2004 (0)

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today’s (belated) iTunes purchases

Posted on 13 September 2004 (0)

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the ramones: nyc 1978

Posted on 10 January 2004 (0)

Last month, I spent an afternoon putting bookshelves together, and listening to this relatively new live Ramones album from 1978. And I’m standing there, holding a screwdriver, trying to figure out how to not fuck things up so I don’t have to take the damn thing apart and put it back together the right way, […]

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perfect fall albums #2: the twilight singers sing blackberry belle (also live)

Posted on 02 December 2003 (1)

Q: Do you think people think you’re an asshole? Greg Dulli: I know people think I’m an asshole. Q: Why? Tell me what you mean by that. GD: I’m a candid, direct, and confident person, and people don’t like that. I think I’m a very loved and loving person, and I think that pussies are […]

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this is it: ryan adams’ latest

Posted on 16 November 2003 (3)

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joe strummer: streetcore

Posted on 13 November 2003 (0)


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