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twilight singers in tel aviv

Posted on 18 July 2006 (0)

from The Twilight SIngers’ official blog: In light of the recent aggression between Israel and the Hezbollah terrorist faction in Lebanon and Syria, I have been moved to comment on my feelings regarding this conflict. While I am saddened by the loss of life and property on both sides, my belief in freedom, democracy and […]

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esta noche: twilight singers live

Posted on 02 June 2006 (0)

Irving Plaza New York, NY June 1 2006 True confessions: I avoid Dulli, sometimes. No, really, I do. That said: I don’t know that there is a more heavily travelled playlist on my iPod that what I have labelled “Dullimania” (Afghan Whigs + Twilight Singers, doh) and there are times it is on replay, over […]

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Greg Dulli’s Amber Headlights

Posted on 16 November 2005 (0)

Two years ago, right about this time of year, during a late fall dark and bleak, I saw the Twilight Singers for the first time. The first cold had just set in and my heart was newly healing, stumbling over the remnants of betrayal. That show was the perfect balm to wounds visible and invisible, […]

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quote of the week

Posted on 05 December 2004 (0)

Good music is about reporting from the streets, the towns, the country and the city, inside houses, inside minds. It tells you what’s goin’ on. Whether it’s Gershwin, Husker Du, or Andre 3000. –Greg Dulli Taken from a great UK fanzine called Blank Stares and Cricket Claps, that you can download in PDF format. Kind […]

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“you wanna go for a ride?”

Posted on 19 October 2004 (0)

Twilight Singers
Irving Plaza, NYC, 10-16-04

greg dulli

The picture says it all, doesn’t it?

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perfect fall albums #2: the twilight singers sing blackberry belle (also live)

Posted on 02 December 2003 (1)

Q: Do you think people think you’re an asshole? Greg Dulli: I know people think I’m an asshole. Q: Why? Tell me what you mean by that. GD: I’m a candid, direct, and confident person, and people don’t like that. I think I’m a very loved and loving person, and I think that pussies are […]

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