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randy bewley, and reminiscence

Posted on 26 February 2009 (0)

The Idolator obituary, if you hadn’t seen it yet. It is sad and tragic and far too young, and this is where I kick myself for not going out on a school night to see the reunion. (Part of it, of course, is that sometimes I want the magic to continue to exist in my head as it always was, and not as a reconstituted version. Which is why I only half-lobby for a Replacements “reunion” [in quotes because with Bob, it’s not a reunion].)

This is more about the chain of events, how things were, and how they are now.

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he’s at it again

Posted on 31 May 2007 (0)

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the muscle shoals sound

Posted on 08 January 2006 (0)

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joel’s 10 favorite songs by ex-beatles

Posted on 18 March 2005 (0)

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obligatory bright eyes entry

Posted on 30 January 2005 (2)

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“have you ever had the feeling that you’ve been cheated?”

Posted on 26 January 2005 (3)

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i could not think of anything more excruciating

Posted on 03 December 2004 (0)

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truth is stranger than fiction

Posted on 28 April 2004 (0)

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