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My latest novel: A WHOLE NEW BALLGAME

Posted on 08 February 2014 (0)

sm_awnb_cover Some of you know that I started writing about baseball back in 2006. I started the blog on Blogger, for heaven’s sake, because it was something I was doing so that I didn’t have to send out mass emails to people. I didn’t know that I’d love doing it and I didn’t know that I’d build an audience. I didn’t know that I’d do it pretty much nonstop for 6 years, that I’d be one of the few women blogging about the Mets, and still the only one officially recognized by the team. I didn’t know I’d end up sitting in the press box and reporting on games. It’s still kind of surreal for someone who didn’t get to grow up with baseball.

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WNYC’s Soundcheck

Posted on 14 January 2014 (0)

Thanks to WNYC for inviting me on to discuss High Hopes! Click to listen on their site.

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Celebrate “High Hopes” at Springsteen Night 2014 at WORD Jersey City, January 14

Posted on 11 January 2014 (0)

Marc Dolan and I are at it again on Tuesday, January 14, at WORD’s new store in Jersey City. We’ll be joined this time by Kimberly Austin of Rock Book Show, who will be our charming moderator. She is a great interviewer and this will definitely take things up a notch.

There will be a raffle with prizes courtesy of our sponsor, Backstreets Magazine, including a copy of the new issue!

So if you’re moping that you didn’t get a spot on the Band Bench at Jimmy Fallon or if you couldn’t make it, come see us!

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Review: Neil Young at Carnegie Hall

Posted on 08 January 2014 (0)

Another Billboard piece up today. Will also have something in the magazine this week (but only 150 words, don’t get too excited).

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Bruce Springsteen’s “High Hopes”: Track-by-Track Review

Posted on 06 January 2014 (0)

I wrote a track-by-track review of the new Springsteen album for

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New Springsteen Album News

Posted on 25 November 2013 (0)

I wrote an in-depth look at the new Springsteen album announcement for Billboard.

To quote Backstreets, “They couldn’t go back to Australia without a new album, right? Right.”

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40 Years of Quadrophenia

Posted on 21 October 2013 (0)

I wrote a track-by-track breakdown of Quadrophenia on for its 40th anniversary this month.

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Welcome back, Paul & Tommy

Posted on 20 August 2013 (0)

Replacements at Maxwells circa 84?  Photos by me. I really gotta buy a negative scanner.

It’s your band; you wrote the songs; you get to decide what to call it. We get to decide if we want to show up or not.

In celebration of this auspicious event, I present the very ‘Mats-centric chapter of my first novel, over at Scribd.

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Springsteen Night at WORD in Brooklyn

Posted on 22 January 2013 (0)

Tonight at WORD in Brooklyn, Marc Dolan and I take our Twitter debate to real life. There will be readings and discussions and video and trivia (with prizes courtesy Backstreets Magazine) and cold beer at a reasonable price (courtesy Sixpoint).

The Daily News, Time Out, Brooklyn Paper, Flavorpill and Brooklyn Based are all fans of the event.

C’mon down! It’s a short walk from the G train and parking is actually manageable in the neighborhood. Facebook RSVP is encouraged but not required.

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Rock Book Show Interview for “Raise Your Hand”!

Posted on 13 November 2012 (2)

Thanks to Kimberly Austin for inviting me on the show again. If you like music books and don’t follow Rock Book Show, you’re missing out!

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