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Two Nights With U2 In Berlin, 9-24 & 9-25-15

Posted on 04 October 2015 (0)

Everything you know is wrong, auf deutsch #u2ietour #u2berlin

Wanting to see U2 in an arena in Europe managed to connect nicely with wanting to spend time in Berlin, so we traveled to see two of the four shows at the Mercedes-Benz Arena at the end of September. The queue outside was very international, with Poles, Finns and Russians (and their vodka bottles) heavily dominating the line.

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I Am A Donut: Berlin 2015

Posted on 04 October 2015 (0)


It all started in the spring of 2013, when we flew Air Berlin as a low-cost option to Scandinavia (recommended, btw). This meant changing plans at Tegel, not a big deal, except that the plane was late arriving and we missed our connection. Air Berlin put us on another flight, but it did make me check to see how often this happened, and if we might run into problems on the way back that could necessitate an overnight in Berlin. So, just in case, we sat down to write a quick list of things we wanted to see in Berlin. By the time we were done, we realized that we needed to go to Berlin some day. (Some context: I did visit the city for a few days back in the Fall of 1989. More later.)

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Posted on 10 August 2015 (0)


U2’s Innocence and Experience Tour arrived in New York at the end of July for an eight-show run, the longest run the band had ever done in one place before. I’d opted in to four of the eight nights, justifying it by saying that eight shows in my own city would allow me to forgo the time and expense of traveling elsewhere in order to see more than one show. Some of you reading this will think I am insane; others will think me lightweight.

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