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Vulture’s “All 314 Bruce Springsteen Songs, Ranked From Worst to Best”

Posted on 13 September 2016 (0)


Late last year, an editor I was working with at Vulture asked me if I was interested in taking on the assignment of ranking and rating all of Bruce Springsteen’s songs, similar to other major ranking projects they have on their site. I immediately said “yes.” I like hard assignments that take me out of my comfort zone and give me a chance to go deep.

We deliberated a bit on what made the list — no covers, only officially released songs — and I went to work.

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How Not To Write About Female Music Fans

Posted on 13 August 2012 (16)

Michael Hann, in the Guardian, about Gaslight Anthem:

The girls in the front row at the Middle East in Cambridge, Massachusetts, are gazing up at Brian Fallon, singing every word back at him.

There were no men in the audience doing the same thing? Because at most Gaslight shows I go to, the entire audience is singing every single word back at the band.

And what were the men in the audience looking at? Were they reading their email or something?

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Rock Scene

Posted on 20 August 2011 (1)

When I was a teenager, my father used to go into NYC for business on a fairly regular basis, and he would always be willing to stop into a record store or bring me a copy of the Village Voice, picked up at the newsstand at Grand Central. (This was before I could drive, and could go get my own copy at the newsstand at Bull’s Head in Stamford, the only place in town I knew of that carried the Voice).

One day he walked in the house and handed me a copy of this magazine.
“You like Bruce Springsteen, right?”
“Right, Dad.”
“They were out of the Village Voice but I saw that and thought you’d like it.”

It was like he had handed me the keys to the kingdom.

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my novel, B-Sides and Broken Hearts: out now

Posted on 20 July 2011 (0)

It is OFFICIAL LAUNCH DAY for B-sides and Broken Hearts. Formerly known as Joey Ramone Is Dead, this is my rock and roll novel, the book I always wanted to read. It is available in both paperback and ebook format.

I hope you will check it out on Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, and Smashwords (for Kobo and Sony ereader). It is also available from the respective Amazon sites in the UK, Canada, and Germany! You can also walk into your local bookstore and order a copy.

This is a DIY enterprise – after trying the big publishing route for several years, and hearing “We love it, but aren’t sure how we’d sell it,” I decided to go it alone. It made sense to the fanzine creator in me. There are samples available on Amazon and Smashwords – please check it out, and spread the word if you dig it.

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this is what a feminist music writer looks like.

Posted on 03 May 2011 (1)

I attended the Ellen Willis symposium this weekend, organized at NYU by friends and colleagues of mine, and in honor of the amazing anthology just released. Speaking as someone who hung on every word in the previous Willis anthology, Beginning To See The Light, it was a delight to sit in that room with people who felt and thought like me, to be one in a sea of nodding heads when most of the time, that head is nodding solo and alone, or at least it feels that way.

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which side are you on?

Posted on 09 January 2008 (0)

I have a blog, and every day I’ve been writing up what happens on the picket lines. One of the things I never anticipated is how many non-WGA writers would be joining us. I like when they sign-in as “Future WGA.” Because they’re recognizing that what gets decided through this strike will be the contract […]

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opening day 2007

Posted on 02 April 2007 (0)

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ain’t it strange: patti smith on the hall of fame

Posted on 12 March 2007 (0)

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33 1/3 madness

Posted on 15 February 2007 (0)

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like punk never happened

Posted on 21 January 2007 (0)

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