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Comments are no longer open on this site. Mostly it was because they were never useful, and leaving them open creates a spam management situation I have to deal with. We are moving away from comments–the only people who are keeping them either have full-time staffs managing them, or desperately need the page views they provide.

I appreciate your kind words, but this morning I had to clean up two dudes arguing whether or not people drinking beer at concerts is something to be criticized, and I decided I’d really had enough.

The purpose of this site is to aggregate my online presence, to promote my work, or publish content I don’t have another venue for. My review of a concert is not a personal value judgement of your experience, and I am not responsible for providing you with a venue to publish your thoughts.

Feedback can be sent via email (jukeboxgraduate at gmail) or find me on Twitter @carynrose.

Thank you for reading.