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Comments Policy

DISCLAIMER: The review of the show is not a personal value judgment of your experience.

The purpose of this site is to aggregate my online presence, to promote my work, to publish things I don’t necessarily have another venue for.

It is not, however, a public street corner.

“While I am a rabid free speech supporter, your natural right to self expression does not require me to publish your opinion and spend bandwith and resources doing so.” [via]

I welcome dialogue and discussion, but this is not your soapbox; it’s mine. If you’d like to discuss what I’ve written, I welcome that, but this is not a forum for you to publish your review of the show – please do that on your own site. If you just want to publish your grievances with the artist, performer, venue or performance, go get your own blog. If your comment is almost as long as the post I’ve written, you (again) probably need to get your own blog.

This is not a newspaper. Unless I specifically say “I intend this article to be the definitive statement on X,” all it represents is my opinion, and my opinion by definition cannot be “wrong”. (Obviously, if I get facts wrong, that is a different story.) I am not wrong just because I didn’t like: the only show you saw on the tour/your first show in five years/you had to spend $$ on babysitters and tickets to get there/your boyfriend/girlfriend proposed/you met your life partner at it. Sorry to inform you, but EVERYONE plays a less than a stellar show sometimes. No, I don’t get to be ‘grateful’ that X artist is still alive/still touring/allowing me to spend $$ on tickets. Go hand out your kool aid somewhere else.

I have spam moderation on the site, and your comment may get caught in it. I have troll moderation on the site, and your comment may get caught in it. I may or may not get your valid comment untangled from those systems immediately. It could take an hour, it could take a day, it could take a week. I could also decide not to publish your comment, or unpublish it if it made it through moderation.

I do not have to, and will not, explain to you why I didn’t publish your comment. (Please start at the beginning of this page again if you need an explanation why.)

I apologize for the abrasive nature of this policy but my previous hospitality towards commenters was starting to be abused.