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Concert Review: Arcade Fire as the Reflektors, 299 Meserole Street, 19 October 2013

Posted on 20 October 2013 (0)


This was, quite simply, a fantastic show. The performance was tight but still full of life and energy. The band was in excellent spirits. And most importantly, the songs are not only ready to play live, they are so much better in person than they were on SNL or that 30-minute aftershow. I walked out thinking, “Wow, now I am excited for the album” as well as, “Wow, that TV special did not do them any favors.” The difference, at least to me, was night and day.

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Arcade Fire, Madison Square Garden

Posted on 06 August 2010 (0)


The last time I saw Arcade Fire, in 2007, I said that I was pretty sure that the next time I saw them would be at Madison Square Garden. So it was with relish I purchased tickets to this event.

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wake up (arcade fire at radio city)

Posted on 09 May 2007 (0)

My bones and my ears were glad this show was at Radio City, two blocks from work, and not the schlep up and back to 173rd St., but my heart and my spirit probably would’ve been happier uptown. So I will cut to the chase by stating up front that this show reminded me – […]

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