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World Series Report

Posted on 04 November 2015 (0)

My story on going to the World Series is up at Bitter Empire.

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Tuesday Night, Citi Field: Your New York Mets

Posted on 17 August 2015 (0)

#happyplace #mets

The New York Mets are playing enjoyable baseball again. The New York Mets are in a pennant race. These two sentences seem improbable, given the nuclear winter Mets fans have endured these past few years, but yet, here we are, with the Mets at the top of the division while the Nationals are on the West Coast facing the likes of Kershaw, Greinke, and Bumgardner, and doing… not so well. The old concept of Triple Happiness (Mets win, Phillies lose, Braves lose) has changed.

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The 10 Best Baseball Books

Posted on 01 April 2015 (0)

I love baseball. I love books. I love books about baseball. So Men’s Journal asked me to write about the latter. Writing the thing took less time than deciding on the list.

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New Baseball Book!

Posted on 30 March 2014 (0)

small_bestofThe best of my six years of baseball writing are included in my new ebook: One Girl, One Team, One City: The Best of metsgrrl.com.

It was a ton of fun to go back through what now amounts to hundreds of posts and pick out the best ones, relive the ups and the downs, and just generally marvel at the fact that I wrote about baseball for six years.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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My latest novel: A WHOLE NEW BALLGAME

Posted on 08 February 2014 (0)

sm_awnb_cover Some of you know that I started writing about baseball back in 2006. I started the blog on Blogger, for heaven’s sake, because it was something I was doing so that I didn’t have to send out mass emails to people. I didn’t know that I’d love doing it and I didn’t know that I’d build an audience. I didn’t know that I’d do it pretty much nonstop for 6 years, that I’d be one of the few women blogging about the Mets, and still the only one officially recognized by the team. I didn’t know I’d end up sitting in the press box and reporting on games. It’s still kind of surreal for someone who didn’t get to grow up with baseball.

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Johan Santana is a rock star, too

Posted on 02 June 2012 (0)


I don’t usually put my baseball writing on this site, but it’s not every day you’re lucky enough to witness the Mets first no-hitter in 50 years.


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Posted on 02 May 2011 (0)

@DavidWaldstein both.

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almost done. (View)

Posted on 27 September 2008 (0)

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