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Review: The Music of David Byrne and Talking Heads, Carnegie Hall, March 23, 2015

Posted on 24 March 2015 (0)

The man of the night, David Byrne

As with all the Dorf tribute nights, there are hits and misses, bigger hits and larger, totally-off-the-bullseye misses. That is part of the serendipity of the event, and people who have done this for a while go into it with that attitude, and I think enjoy the show a lot more than the people who are there for either X band or for picture-perfect renditions of Their Favorite Songs. (Example being the row behind me, a dude who had done this before with his friends, who had never been, and were mostly bemused and fidgety all night.)

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The Music of the Rolling Stones, Carnegie Hall, 3-13-12

Posted on 13 March 2012 (0)

Michael Dorf presents
The Music of the Rolling Stones
Carnegie Hall, March 13, 2012

This was the most star-studded Carnegie tribute benefit show out of the five I have attended (Springsteen, R.E.M., The Who, Neil Young). The announced performers were strong from the outset, it didn’t feel like the organizers were scrambling for talent (which is what it seems like sometimes, with the lineup only filling out a few weeks before the actual show). That’s why it was so surprising that it was so uneven and ultimately unsatisfying.

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A Tribute To Neil Young, Carnegie Hall, 2/10/11

Posted on 11 February 2011 (0)

Roots w/With the ladies from dirty projectors on bvox

One of my favorite Neil Young quotes is his comment about Pearl Jam, back when they were working on Mirror Ball together, that they knew when *not* to play. That comment never made more sense to me than it did last night at Carnegie Hall, as a parade of artists came out to pay tribute to Young Neil.

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The Music Of The Who at Carnegie Hall

Posted on 03 March 2010 (0)

Michael Dorf presents
The Music of the Who
Carnegie Hall, March 2, 2010

The tribute show is an odd duck in some ways; who’s the audience supposed to be? Is it fans of the artists performing, or fans of the artist being feted? Fans of the artists performing don’t automatically have context or even knowledge of the music being played, while fans of the celebrated artist can be a tough audience. They can be terribly critical. And they can be outright demanding sons of bitches.

The latter statement would accurately describe your average Who fan. We were ridiculously demanding OF THE ACTUAL BAND. There was no way anyone coming on the Carnegie Hall stage was getting off easy tonight, not in front of this crowd.

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the carnegie hall springsteen tribute

Posted on 08 April 2007 (0)

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