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And Then There Were None: RIP, Tommy Ramone

Posted on 12 July 2014 (3)

When the news came through last night, I poured a glass of whiskey and put on End of the Century, because I wanted to watch all of them alive and talking and and I didn’t want to have to scroll through YouTube and start curating. I just wanted to be with them for a little while.

There were no more Ramones in the world. They were all gone.

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Visiting Johnny & Dee Dee

Posted on 08 October 2010 (0)


When I was in LA in July, I made a side trip to pay my respects to both Johnny and Dee Dee, who are buried in the same cemetery in Los Angeles. On the occasion of Johnny’s birthday, I thought I’d mention it here.

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the last chord: cbgb’s last day

Posted on 16 October 2006 (2)

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johnny ramone birthday show

Posted on 09 October 2004 (1)

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end of the century for real

Posted on 16 September 2004 (0)

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end of the century

Posted on 20 August 2004 (0)

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the ramones: nyc 1978

Posted on 10 January 2004 (0)

Last month, I spent an afternoon putting bookshelves together, and listening to this relatively new live Ramones album from 1978. And I’m standing there, holding a screwdriver, trying to figure out how to not fuck things up so I don’t have to take the damn thing apart and put it back together the right way, […]

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joey ramone, rip

Posted on 16 April 2001 (0)

I own no Ramones albums on cd. When I heard the news about Joey, my first thought was to dive for the albums. I was lazy and didn’t want to clean off the turntable… R… What? No Ramones? Not even the compilation? Obviously not. There seems to be a certain justice in that. Tweet Enjoyed […]

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