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Jesse Malin & “Bastards of Young”

Posted on 20 December 2010 (1)

The video above is Jesse Malin onstage at the Stone Pony Saturday night. Yes, that is me, singing along in the background, even though I was taping. I hit record because I was anticipating some kind of hopeful rumination about Paul Westerberg or the Replacements or something similar. Instead I watched a bunch of people stand and stare at the stage.

I continue to remain amazed that in 2011 that “Bastards of Young” is not canon, that it is not mandatory, that everyone in the world does not know the words to it. Or even at least a Jesse Malin audience who presumably bought the covers record for which this was the lynchpin (as per Jesse), that they would know this song. I remain amazed that the Replacements continue to fade from view, that people don’t know and don’t care and don’t care to know. I am like one of those old people who remembers when things were one way and they still think things are that way, because in my day everyone I knew loved the Replacements (or made a conscious decision that they did not) and they were huge and important and hugely important, they were massive, they were the kind of thing you planned your life around, an album, a tour, a show, a television appearance was like a national holiday of some sort.

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Within Your Reach

Posted on 14 July 2010 (0)


As much as I always wanted to, I never made it to Minneapolis until this year. Probably because I was smart enough to know that it wasn’t like every band I cared about would be standing on the street corner waiting for me as I got off the bus. The closest I came was when I was moving back to NYC from Seattle, a logical overnight stop was just outside of Minneapolis, and I took a morning detour long enough to stand in front of the Let It Be house for a few minutes and take a few pictures.

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Color Me Obsessed

Posted on 13 February 2010 (2)

It’s not going to be a secret to anyone who’s read my work over the years that I’m a tremendous Replacements fan. I could not be happier that someone is finally telling their story especially when that someone is Gorman Bechard. If you don’t know who he is, he’s the author of one of my all-time favorite books, The Second Greatest Story Ever Told – which I found out about because the Replacements are mentioned repeatedly, and it popped up in some issue of The Skyway (which, if you’re a Mats fan, will be near and dear to you). (It doesn’t hurt that he’s also a tremendous Mets fan.) Anyway, he was raising funds for the film on Kickstarter and I couldn’t donate fast enough.

The film is called Color Me Obsessed. Spread the word.

(I really, really, really need to drag out all of my contact sheets and negatives from the 80s and get them burned to DVD. Tons of great Replacements shots. Yeah, in my copious free time.)

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book review: “All Over But The Shouting”

Posted on 23 February 2008 (0)

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i can’t hardly wait

Posted on 30 April 2006 (1)

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bob stinson, 10 years on

Posted on 22 February 2006 (0)

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how can you like him? westerberg in nyc

Posted on 28 April 2005 (6)

Paul Westerberg The Supper Club, NYC 27 April 2005 I am probably one of the only women in my age bracket (ahem) who never wanted to fuck Paul Westerberg. (No, that doesn’t mean I wanted Tommy, either.) No, in my fantasy world, Paul was the guy who sat in the back row of English class […]

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Posted on 23 April 2002 (0)

Tonight I waited in line for two hours to have Paul Westerberg sign my cd and a poster, and just lean on the counter and look at him and say “Thank you for doing this” and telling him that I really needed to see that show today. “Good, at least it served some purpose…” He’s […]

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