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Posted on 03 March 2015 (0)


Last summer, I picked up a car in Los Angeles and drove 4,000 miles in two weeks, an epic loop out Route 66 as far as Texas, and then back up and over through Colorado and Utah and Nevada. I went to the Grand Canyon and the Cadillac Ranch and drove the Loneliest Road In America. I was determined to find out if you could find America, or at least have a great, epic American roadtrip inside of a two-week vacation.

I started writing about it just as an email to friends, then it was a blog post, then it was an essay…and almost 40k words later, I realized it was an book…which is out today!

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Nashville In 15 Minutes

Posted on 27 October 2014 (0)


The SO’s brother got married in Nashville this past weekend. We’d never been there before, somehow, and were therefore more than willing to trek down to Tennessee. However, this also meant that our sightseeing time was incredibly limited because of family events. I drafted a top-down list of must-sees/must-do’s so that if circumstances dictated we had to cut some things, we’d still have gotten the most important things out of the way.

When I say “most important” I mean “most important personally.” This is where you have to do enough research to be able to know what that is. If you just ask people or rely on lists (even the helpful list supplied by the bride in the welcome bag) you will see someone else’s concept of what is important. Luckily, for Nashville, this was not difficult.

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How To Drive Cross-Country By Yourself

Posted on 31 July 2012 (3)

This is written in response to Molly Templeton’s call for submissions in response to the New York Times‘ How-To issue.


Everyone should drive cross-country at least once in their life. Driving with a friend or a car full of people, it’s a life-changing experience. But by yourself, it is a moment of reckoning. Those hours and hours and hours behind the wheel with only yourself and your iPod playlist are as transformative as round-the-world travel.

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roadtrip, part 2

Posted on 09 September 2003 (0)

It’s cool and vaguely rainy as I leave Jersey Monday night. I had originally planned on leaving Tuesday morning, and I am still tired, but after the hellish marathon drive the week before, decided it was better to get on the road and get clear of the nightmare that was Pennsylvania that night. I dial […]

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roadtrip, part 1

Posted on 07 September 2003 (1)

Every major journey I have gone on begins with the same thing: the night before, everything finally packed, I’m lying on the couch, watching TV or listening to music, ensconced in the deeply and warmly home-like and familiar. All I can think at that moment is – why am I going? Why don’t I just […]

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“jefferson, i think we’re lost”

Posted on 23 August 2003 (0)

Today I’m thinking about context, and a sense of time and place. I sometimes wonder if I am one of the only music geeks in the world who has the fairly regular inclination to see if a piece of music fits a place or setting, or vice versa – what music fits the location. Tweet […]

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